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Mental Health First Aider

A globally accredited course designed to equip your employees with the skills necessary to ensure that they are comfortable discussing and helping colleagues who may be suffering with a mental health problem.

By enrolling just a few of your employees into a course like this, ideally across different tiers of management, the culture of an entire organisation can be changed into one that is more understanding, tolerant and effective at dealing with mental health challenges.

Understanding and Managing Mental Health

A course designed for line managers where they will be taught the landscape of mental ill-health, the case for managing mental health in the workplace, an overview of the most common issues that arise in the work place, when and how to lead early conversations about mental health concerns, and on-going management of their staff.

Building Personal Resilience

A course designed for employees and employers alike. This course will cover the landscape of mental distress and the definitions of stress and resilience.  We aim to teach you to identify the early signs and symptoms of mental distress for the purpose of prevention, as well as the 7 key components of resilience at work.

How to get better Sleep

This course focuses on the importance of sleep and why it is as essential as eating, drinking and breathing. During the course you will learn about how and why we sleep, Sleep Apnoea, and other causes of poor sleep. We will also discuss the impact of fatigue on driving and shift work. We will give you the tools to optimise your sleep health.

Understanding Neurodiversity within the Workplace

A course designed specifically to raise awareness on neurodiversity and related conditions, strengths and difficulties of employing, managing and working with neurodiverse individuals, unpicking neurodiversity at work, and planning for neurodiversity.

Injury Prevention

Some employment groups face certain physical challenges. A workshop with OHS’ strength and conditioning coach can increase the awareness of the way one’s body moves and functions. An increased knowledge of this helps reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries, shorten recovery time and help improve the physical health of participants.

Executive Occupational Health Coaching

OHS Occupational Physicians are able to compile a bespoke workshop to suit your goals and timetable. Whether your executive team would like to discuss case studies, possible health and wellbeing grand strategies or simply spend time discussing OH matters with an expert, we will be able to assist you in this endeavour.

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