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Occupational health is an essential part of ensuring continuous and successful business.

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Occupational Health

PPHA ensure that new employees are fit for the role they have been recruited for and allow the employer to ensure compliance with relevant legislation (e.g., Equal Opportunities Act 2006, Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 1999). A pre-placement screening process can be carried out online or via email, the results of which are returned to the potential employer within one working day. If further assessment is required then this can be carried out within two weeks.

OHS Absence Management is a physician-led process which can greatly assist employers to drive down sickness absence, one of the biggest costs to any organisation. OHS’ specialist physicians can undertake individual case management and can decrease the time taken for employees to return to work after long absences or decrease the frequency of short-term absences.

Clear communication is essential in this area, and an employer can expect to receive reports detailing:

  • Expected duration of absence
  • Any work-related contributing factors
  • Adjustments that could aid successful rapid re-integration to the workforce
  • Possible barriers to returning to work
  • Relevant legal aspects of the health condition
  • Exploration of alternative types of work

These reports will be compiled with the consent of the employee but will be written from an entirely objective perspective – something that is only possible from a dedicated occupational health service such as OHS. An OHS Fitness for Work or Return to Work assessment comprises a detailed appraisal of the worker’s medical condition, the prognosis and any limitations. It will provide the employee with faith that their health will not be unduly put at risk and provide the employer with the invaluable reassurance that they are doing the right thing.

OHS’ Fitness for Work and Return to Work assessments will include clear guidance as to what work can be safely conducted by the employee, and what potential threats are posed to themselves and/or other people. This information will allow the employer to make an informed decision as to the employees future employability and can help avoid costly legal action in the event that dismissal is required.

OHS’ Health Surveillance service is the only complete/bespoke facility of its kind offered in Gibraltar. Health Surveillance is the ongoing appraisal of the health of workers when they are exposed to certain hazards. This longitudinal approach can detect the first signs of work-related ill-health and allow employers to respond accordingly, before significant harm is done.

Some Health Surveillance is required by law (e.g., hearing surveillance in workers exposed to high levels of noise). Biological monitoring or specialist medical examinations are available for employers whose employees are exposed to specific hazards (e.g., lead, asbestos, HAVS).

All surveillance records are kept securely for a minimum of 40 years and recommendations and certificates can be produced as required.

Our Occupational Health Technicians will travel to your place of work and provide various health surveillance services and training with minimal disruption to your business.

OHS’ Occupational Physicians provide consultations in an appropriate setting at your place of work if a journey to our 53 Irish Town premises is not suitable. Our doctors are also capable of giving expert advice for any risk assessments that are being conducted.

OHS can provide drug and alcohol testing services either at your work site or in our Irish Town Clinic. These are overseen by our physicians who are Medical Review Officer trained.

OHS offers a growing range of workshops and training courses to help employers do the best for their staff and in return get the best out of them.

Currently offered are workshops in sleep, mental resilience, neurodiversity and managing mental health. Please click on the Training Courses button below.

If your employees spend more than one hour per day using a computer or other display then they should have their workplace assessed to ensure that they are not subjecting themselves to excessive eye or musculoskeletal strain. This can help ensure that workers remain comfortable and able to focus on their tasks. Our OHS technicians can perform surveys of your entire staff with a mixture of online questionnaires and practical assessments. This is followed up with a report which will include any appropriate recommendations.

Our Occupational Health clinicians can assist in the health and safety of your staff as they analyse the hazards that are in your workplace and help you devise the appropriate mitigation strategies.

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