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Occupational health is an essential part of ensuring continuous and successful business.

Our Services


Our Occupational Health Physicians are qualified to HSE standards and will perform medicals in accordance with HSE protocols, thus satisfying IMCA and ADCI guidelines.
You will receive an online questionnaire upon booking an appointment and on the day of the examination will be run through preliminary investigations prior to a thorough physical examination by our experienced doctors.

Our specialist Occupational Health Physicians can review your medical situation and perform an appropriate medical examination in accordance with the DAN and WRSTC approved Diver Medical Screening System.

Our OGUK and RUK registered Occupational Physicians can perform and certify offshore workers as fit to work in the offshore industry. Additional-duties testing can be arranged (e.g., Fit to Train, Emergency Response Team) as can any requirements from particular employers (e.g., drugs and alcohol screening).

OHS employs the HSE-recognised 5 level approach to HAVS and can carry out up to Tier 4 medical assessments on any workers who use vibrating tools.

OHS clinicians can perform medical assessments for any vocational drivers.  Drivers can be assessed at their place of work or at our Irish Town premises, with further clinical examinations performed as required.

OHS can provide medical assessments for a number of high-risk safety critical roles and can tailor these to the exact requirement of the employee. A safety critical role can be broadly defined as one where sudden loss of consciousness, concentration, mobility, coordination or balance can foreseeably cause significant injury to the worker, their colleagues or others.
Typical roles which can benefit from the reassurance of a safety-critical medical include:

  • Working at height
  • Confined space working
  • Night workers
  • Lone workers

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Occupational Health Services Gibraltar (OHS) offers a service tailored to your company’s individual needs. We will arrange an appointment with a senior member of our team who can best advise you on a package that will fit you. The two-way communication starts right here.