Our Mission

To accomplish this, we believe strongly in the need for an objective medical service that provides clear trusted advice to the employer and an independent knowledgeable ear to the employee.

We provide services that help identify ill-health early, advise on the prevention of further illness, reduce the burden of sickness absence and contribute towards the early successful return to work of employees.

For Employers

OHS offers a full suite of health surveillance, medical assessment, training and absence management services, all underwritten by our ethos of fully understanding your place of work and nurturing effective two-way communication.

Our clinical teams will go out of their way to understand every aspect of your business and how your staff are employed during their working day.

Should you require reports from us, we can assure you that the advice they contain will be clear, concise, and advise on relevant aspects of Gibraltar law where appropriate.

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For Employees

OHS offers a host of services that can help monitor your health and give you the opportunity to identify signs of ill-health early. Our health assessments can help your employer understand that you are fit for the job that you have been employed to do and identify needs you may have. We will advise them on any changes to accommodate any injury or disease that you develop.

We offer training that can help you understand the relationship between health and work, and offer tools that can enhance your own wellbeing and that of your colleagues.

In the event you are referred to Occupational Health it is important to understand that it is not a disciplinary event and the doctor you will see is an expert in employment matters. They will gather together relevant information from you and other doctors, and put it into an employment context to advise your employer. You remain in charge of your clinical information and will get the opportunity to read any report before it gets sent to your employer.

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