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Can you afford not to invest in the health of your workforce?

Study after study shows there is a direct financial benefit for companies to invest in the health of their workforce. Beneficial changes in sickness absence, presenteeism, leavism rates and general productivity all work synergistically to increase the efficiency and output of a company. There are other, less tangible advantages too: increasing workforce morale; enhancing corporate reputation; beneficial societal impacts.

Allied Partners

Working closely with employers to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.
The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association represents gambling operators licensed in Gibraltar and provides its members with a platform to meet, discuss, and work on matters of common interest, as well as provide a single voice on all the issues of importance to regulators, legislators, and key decision makers.

We here at OHS are pleased to have struck an ongoing relationship with the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association who have looked at the services we provide, and the work that we carry out, and as a result are very happy and keen to promote our services amongst its members with the aim of creating a healthy work force within the Gibraltar gambling industry.

Midtown Clinic

Located in the heart of Gibraltar, MidTown Clinic is an exclusive private clinic of great prestige and with professionals with more than 15 years of experience in high quality medicine. You will find comfort and luxury in our nine exclusive consultations perfectly equipped for your treatments with the latest technology. As well as a rehabilitation gym fully equipped with therapeutic materials with the aim of achieving the integral well-being of all our patients. A clinic with innovative and top-quality techniques. A centre where the concept of health is different. Easy access, emergency parking and public parking available in the same building.

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